How to Plan Post-COVID at Work?

Posted by Sorwe EN on Jun 8, 2020 7:16:35 PM

As we are approaching the post-COVID environment, one major question arises; How will we plan ‘back to work’ safely? The whole management of different size businesses from various sectors now try to find the best ways to keep employees safe and find a suitable new organisational design.

Various concerns persist on how to manage the ‘back to work’ with social distancing rules as it prohibits the usual desk allocations hence the full working capacity. The planning of physical workspace stands as a clear need with hygiene necessities. On top of that, the health conditions of employees need to be closely monitored even before they are back in offices in case of any COVID-19 related symptoms. So, every business has the responsibility to carefully plan and ensure safety at work after quarantine.


Sorwe helps businesses in Organisational Re-Design and Communication in COVID


Sorwe Employee Experience Platform, designed complementary COVID Crises Management Platform that ease the control of workspace in pandemic. With the Sorwe mobile app, companies manage their workplace and workforce in their journey to the office; decreasing the question marks of employees and the management on health issues. Sorwe provides solutions starting from before employees leave their home to make their way to the office. It systematically let the management know whether everything is in line with Corona measures at work and creates open communication 24/7 for COVID-19 related emergencies where the company receives alerts.



Sorwe COVID-19 Workplace Solutions




5 Essential Steps for ‘Back to Office’ in Post-COVID: How to Build a Secure and Safe Management?

There are 5 vital steps that the business needs to keep in mind when designing the post-COVID environment in the offices.


  1. Before We Meet Again… Online Health Check-in:


With the easing from the governments, people are slowly going back to the offices. But first, companies need to make sure everyone is healthy before they come back. For this instance, Sorwe initiated a Daily Health Check-in that sends surveys to their mobiles of employees, which takes less than 2mins to complete before starting their journey to the office. Companies can ask simple questions related to both personal health and the close environment of the staff and recent exterior activities. These will lead to an overall score that will be benchmarked whether they carry risk to be back to the communal space. These surveys can be customised for each company, but Sorwe’s survey with 10 ready to use questions are also available.

If someone appears to be risky given the answers, Sorwe immediately reports to the management by suggesting the prohibition of that person coming to the office.

  •  If everything is good… Let’s choose the new desk location!


We now know sitting so close to each other is not safe anymore. Before your staff comes back to the offices, a little reshuffling is needed in the workplace. When we say, redesigning, we don’t mean any reconstruction but here are some tips about what to consider when creating the new organisational design and seating plan;

–      How many staff do you want to see in the office in a day?

–      Which areas do you want to be desk free?

–      Which areas have the potential to put new desks?

–      Can you convert communal areas into hot desks?

–      How to make common areas COVID-safe?

The new practice of companies is to welcome different employees every day and do not keep the same cohort to come to the office but change frequently. By using Sorwe, all employees can see and choose from free desks and reserve their seat before that come to the office,workshop or cafeteria. They will know where exactly they will sit and the journey inside the building.




  1. We are now in the Office: How to make sure that everything runs according to the measures?


Until you got back to the office, you already put a lot of effort into designing and making sure precautions are in place. It is now the time to open the curtains and welcome the guests back, your employees. It is even more crucial to keep control and apply the measures once everyone is in the office.

Sorwe allows businesses to closely monitor their head office, stores, branches, and production lines about how successfully – or not – they follow the COVID measures. Any authorised manager would be able to see real-time reports with problematic areas.

Sorwe asks pulse questions in three main categories to employees; evaluation of the working environment, colleagues, and hygiene rules compliance.

  • Any emergency? Here is COVID-19 Hot Line


In case of an emergency in the workplace related to COVID-19, employees can report it anytime from the open-end feedback section on their mobile, which is available 24/7. The answers would instantly be analysed by AI-based text-sentiment analyses and will be reported to the management directly. This secures a great time to take action when it is most needed.

  • Management Updates and E-learning: Make sure your staff is fully aware

Sorwe also offers 12 e-learning modules in different topics related to COVID-19

with an average of 2-minute videos that all the staff can benefit from for free. Some topics include Teamwork in COVID, How to explain COVID to children, and personal care tips.

Management can share updates from the Sorwe app on the Insta-style Story section instead of emails. Sorwe Stories will increase the engagement while making sure everyone is well informed instead of an unread inbox!


How can I start using Sorwe? How does onboarding work?

Sorwe offers all COVID-19 related services as complementary, so it is free of charge. You can start using it and try a demo by clicking here. The onboarding process for all your employees takes just little as 1 working day.




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