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An OKR Example : How to Create a Strong OKR?

OKR performance system offers companies a systematic and lean development plan due to the prior determination of...

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How to Set Company Goals? The Formula of Objectives

When you examine great achievements, you see the same characteristics that the goal was set at the start; goals that...

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Company Culture in Finding the Right Talent

Have you ever witnessed how difficult it is to blend talent with the company culture? It is not only challenging to...

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How to Create a Strong Company Culture?  “Roseto” Effect

If you have come across Gladwell's "Outliers'' book, you may be asking yourself how to develop a company culture...

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What is OKR? Tips to Adopt OKR Method

OKR's history goes back to Peter Drucker. The model has become the formula of success for many companies with Andrew...

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Performance Management Focus Is Changing

Performance management is all about how each individual chooses to balance their goals with company goals. So it's...

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Most Frequently Asked Engagement and Satisfaction Survey Questions in

The most important, even the first step, when preparing an employee satisfaction and engagement survey is the...

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